Vincents Polyline - Made in Latvia!


Vincents Polyline Ltd. is part of the Vincents group of companies, which started its operation on 12 September 1997 when the UK - Latvia joint venture VINCENTS POLYLINE was founded. Owners of the company changed in 2005, and now only Latvian capital is represented in Vincents Polyline Ltd.


Vincents Polyline specialises in the production of construction chemicals, concrete additives and waterproofing materials. The products made by the company are well-known and recognised in the Baltic and Ukrainian markets, and offices have been established in Lithuania and Estonia. Each year, Vincents Polyline adds new concrete additives and materials to its range of products.

Guarantee of quality

The Certification Centre of the Latvian Academy of Sciences has performed the initial inspection of the production facility and quality control of Vincents Polyline products, and also continuously monitors the quality control of products. On 10 November 2006, the CE conformity mark was awarded to products made by the company.

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