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INWOOD FIRE B - Fire retardant

Fire retardant INWOOD Fire B is used for new andreconstructed structures – for timber (laths, boards,rafters, beams, etc.) processing, thus guaranteeing that wood becomes poorly combustible or poorly inflammable. Fire retardant INWOOD Fire B is also used for the preventive wood anti-fire protection processing inenclosed building structures that are not directly exposed to precipitation impact (indoors). Fire retardant INWOOD Fire B can be overlaid (overspread) with other types of coating (varnish, paints) to improve the wood exterior finish. The mechanism of impact of the Fire retardant INWOOD Fire B – a film-forming coating is created on a wooden surface; this film coating under the influence of flame turns into dry foam layer and prevents flame access to a wooden surface. Non-toxic, does not containpolybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). Does not reduce the strength of the wood. After completion of work, toolsshall be washed with plenty of water (especially aluminumparts). Fire safety class B-s1, d0.

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