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Hidrostop i80 - Silane Based Injection Cream

For creating or restoring the horizontal damp proof course in a wet wall. One of the most traditional and simplest techniques of modern technology for restoring or improving a horizontal damp proofing barrier is the injection of wall sealing or hydrophobizing products into a stone foundation of building. The method of injection is based on the creation of channels with a diameter of 12-15 mm (every 120-150 mm) drilled and deployed slantwise specially for this purpose and filled with an injection material. Injections are made by a non-pressure hand-pressing gun or a low-pressure injection device. HIDROSTOP i80 is a one-component solvent-free hydrophobizing injection cream with a high concentration of active substances and excellent impregnation capacity, designed to form a horizontal damp proofing barrier, using the method of injection into a stone wall with moisture up to 95%. 

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