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R5 - rust converter

"R5" rust converter is intended for surface treatment of ferrous metals prior to painting, if the surface cannot be completely cleaned of oxidation (rust) products. Applicable if the rust thickness does not exceed 100 microns. Instructions for use. Mechanically clean the surface to be processed of the loose rust layer using a metal brush or other tools. If necessary degrease the surface. Mix the “R5” converter before use. Apply the liquid on the surface with a brush or other suitable tool. The effect is indicated by the appearance of a grey-brown to blue-black tone. If the environment and/or material surface temperature is above + 25°C during application, the treated surface should be moistened with water after 2 hours for effective product application. Painting can be carried out after 24 h. It is recommended to clean the surface of loose reaction products and degrease with solvent prior to painting. Coverage: 5-10 m2/l. Store in a closed container at a temperature from +5°C to + 30°C. Protect from freezing. Expiration date: 1 year from the manufacturing date. Manufacturing date is indicated on the packaging.

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