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ROOFBAND Sealing tape

ROOFBAND is a universal sealing tape, which consists of self-adhesive, modified bitumen layer with reinforced aluminium cover and protective membrane. The reinforced aluminium cover ensures tensile strength and UV resistance. “ROOFBAND” has excellent durability against temperature fluctuations (from -25°C to +70°C). The material has excellent adhesion to concrete, wood, metal, tiles, glass, plastic and other surfaces. Use: to be used under temperature of above +5 °C. The surface shall be clean, dry, fat and dust-free. Application: Joints between roof elements, around chimney, corrugated elements, cornices, windows. For preventing leakages in water gutter pipes. For various connections and joints, requiring vapour and gas diffusion sealing. Used also in mechanical engineering and other applications. Termless product. Color: gray, brown, terracotta Size: 75mm X3m, 100mm X3m, 150mm X3m, 200mm X3m, 50mm X10m, 75mm X10m, 200mm X10m, 300mm X10m

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